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Interne Festplatte für
KORG iX300

With the Hard Disk drive for your KORG iX300 you will have much more comfort in making music. Here are the specification of the Hard Disk expansion:

  • Big storage capacity for up to 3500 Files (MIDI-Files, Arrangements, Programs, Backing Sequences, etc.
  • Fast access, more than 7 time faster than from Floppy Disk
  • Standard MIDI File player in format 0 or 1 without any delay
  • Numeric MIDI File selection with select while play function
  • Copy file function for quick copy data from Disk to Hard Disk Drive. You can also copy a whole Floppy Disk volume in one step

The Hard Disk Drive kit contains all components which are necessary to run the expansion: Hard Disk Drive, Host adapter, new software on disk, operating and installation manual. The installation could be done in half an hour, no soldering is required, we use connectors inside the iX300. We give one year guarantee for the whole system.

Even without the Hard Disk you can make use of the Numeric MIDI File selection if you update your system with the new iX300 HD Operating System. You can find the latest Operating System in the Download area.

Attention: From now on we will ship this product as 'SILENT DRIVE' version!