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Internal Hard Disk for

With the new Hard Disk Drive for the KORG Keyboard i4S you will have much more comfort in making music. The drive gives you the following features:

  • Fast access, more than 10 times faster than on normal floppy disk drive
  • Big storage capacity, enough for 5000 MIDI files or any other data
  • Standard MIDI file player in format 0 or 1 without any delay
  • Copy file function for quick copy data from floppy disk to hard disk drive. You can also copy a whole floppy disk in one step
  • Numeric MIDI file selection with select while play function

The installation takes about 1 hour. No soldering required. For Hard Disk and our additional Hardware we give one year guarantee.

For more detailed information on how the i4S Hard Disk works and how to install the Hard Disk, please see the related manual available in the Download area.

Of course all Hard Disks are tested before shipment and formatted to be used in your keyboard.