2004 musitronics

User Style Expansion for
KORG i2 and i3

This memory expansion blows up the space for free usable user styles from 4 up to 32 beside the internal ROM styles. This is the ideal supplement for all musicians for a much more flexible performance.

With the User-Style expansion you have a direct and quick access to all the 32 styles. The memory keeps it's data when you turn off your keyboard.

The User-Style expansion is based on the latest i2/i3 software. So you have all the features from the latest operating system update version #58.

The User-Style expansion is also compatible to our Hard Disk drive.

The installation takes about one hour. No soldering is required. You just have to plug the included host adapter into a connector inside the i2/i3.

We give 1 year guarantee for all parts of the User-Style expansion.

Please check the Download area for further information on installation and operation of our expansion.